About Yogalates
One-to-Ones are highly recommended as you will gain a greater understanding of the Yogalates™ or the Primal Yoga Flow® Principles. They ensure you are carrying out the exercises efficiently and safely with the correct alignment. They are also extremely beneficial if you have a specific health issue you would like to target. A One-to-One is personalised to your needs and goals. You will leave with a stronger awareness of your alignment and posture, knowledge in how to release and relax using breath, a deeper understanding of Yoga and/or Pilates and be able to apply them in a class environment.

Yoga as well as being deeply relaxing, also calms the mind and spirit, reduces stress and enhances strength, stamina and flexibility. Pilates is a famous form of exercise known for its aid in injury rehabilitation, it is a system that works our deeper muscles aiding in core stabilizing and is posture enhancing. I teach an integration of these two incredible exercise systems resulting in numerous health benefits. With regular practice you will notice weight loss, improved muscle tone, strength and stability, increased flexibility and stamina, enhanced posture and alignment and an overall greater energy!


My classes are balanced, fun and challenging with options for all exercises and poses; individuals are encouraged to work at their own pace, alternative exercises may be offered and time for rest and relaxation is offered. Yogalates™ is a very safe and accessible exercise method for everyone.

Excellent for: • Strengthening bad backs • Injury Rehabilitation • Postnatal women • Overall Health & Wellbeing • Osteoporosis • Arthritis • Tone & Fitness • Relaxation
I offer One-to-One sessions, Private Group sessions and Classes in Lancashire Feel free to contact me with any questions and I hope to see you in a class soon!

“Through my professional experience I have only ever had a few students that reached that high benchmark of competency, as you have both in practical and theory. You have the makings of a great teacher, skilful in presenting with a sweet audible voice. Gifted for one so young!! Namaste Louise”

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